Dr. Dang is a highly skilled orthodontist. She is both gentle and kind and gets things done quickly with efficiency and great care. It is a very pristinely kept environment, clean, organized and with pop music playing over the speakers. With all this combined it is very possible for one to even take a short nap while getting your braces adjusted or having your teeth examined! Every visit was an enjoyable experience for me, I was always greeted with happy, smiling faces and just positive vibes. If you do choose to go to another orthodontist then I assure you that you’re missing out on not just getting your teeth fixed immaculately, but a missed opportunity to meet a really tremendous person

Legendary Rice

Absolutely love the care we received with Dr Dang at Mercer Orthodontics! She is very knowledgeable and had an innovative approach to our daughter’s complex problem. She was always patient and flexible with appointments. Love that she answered her own phone many times and called herself to check up on our daughter. We highly recommend Dr Dang and will be using her for our second child soon.


Dr. Dang is absolutely brilliant. She is patient, kind and methodical. We highly recommend you send your child/teen with orthodontic needs to her.


We had a great experience with Dr. Dang! Knowledgeable, professional, gentle, kind, caring, accommodating... She gave us options and explained the procedure at every step. Followed up with us more than once with a personal phone call. Never pressured us into getting the procedure done. Not only she did an amazing job with my children's smile, she also took the time to get to know us and make us feel at ease at every visit! I highly recommend Dr. Dang and her wonderful and kind staff!


Dr. Dang and her staff are truly amazing. They are so pleasant, the office atmosphere is very relaxing, and appointment times are always met so there's no waiting. I truly and honestly recommend this location to any and everyone looking for an Orthodontist. Five stars plus!


I highly recommend Dr. Dang. My first daughters treatment plan included expander, head gear and braces. Dr. Dang calmly explained each procedure to her and always put her at ease. My second daughter had a few options with her treatment plan and Dr. Dang was incredibly patient and kind when I was indecisive on how to proceed. She would always listen to my concerns, answer all my questions and was very understanding. Both of the girls results were beautiful thanks to Dr. Dang and her wonderful staff. My youngest daughter is currently waiting on phase2 of her treatment plan and I am confident she will also have a great experience and beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Dang!!


Dr. Dang is a great orthodontist. She is professional and caring. My son went to see her due to teeth issues (can't exactly describe it as there are many of them :-)), Dr. Dang explained to us very patiently the treatment option and the upcoming stages for him. Currently my son is wearing an expander. One time we got some issue with the expander by inappropriate turning, Dr. Dang managed to help us fix the expander at a very timely manner.


When I brought my daughter to Dr. Dang she had an underbite, a crossbite and crooked teeth. A little over two years later the braces were removed to reveal a beautiful smile. I could not afford braces for my daughter, but we were referred to Dr. Dang through the program "Smiles Change Lives." Dr. Dang donated all of her services. I cannot find words to express my gratitude for her generosity, kindness, skill and professionalism. She even continued to check my daughter for a year after the braces came off. Another plus is that Dr. Dang runs her office punctually. We never had to wait more than two minutes for our appointment. If I could give Dr. Dang more than five stars, I would. You will not find yourself in more capable hands.


Dr. Dang is an incredible orthodontist who our daughter absolutely loved. Dr. Dang is very patient and has an exceedingly calming demeanor that translates into compassionate patient care. I would recommend her as highly as possible.


I have three children that have been through Dr. Dang. She is very accessible and always gives me great feedback on their care, including any referrals and next steps in their care. The kids always felt very comfortable with her and their teeth look great. I highly recommend this office!


Both our children went to Dr. Marie Dang and had a wonderful experience. She was amazing with them as well as her entire staff. It is so important to go to someone that you and your children feel comfortable with since you are there so often. I highly recommend Dr. Dang if you or your children did orthodontic care.


Dr. Dang treated both my daughters, and my older daughter in particular spent many months with her. Dr. Dang was consistently kind and patient with any issues that arose, taking time to explain in detail (showing us xrays etc.) what was happening during my daughters' progress. She was also great about finding times that worked for our schedule. And importantly, the finished result - beautiful straight teeth - was accomplished! Highly recommend.